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Scouting Report

Tall and lean with some muscular development possible. Overall, large frame through the hips and shoulders, lower half is larger which makes him play taller. Works with a two-seam and four-seam, but is currently in love with the four-seam. Four-seamer can get flat when he tries to dial it up. At its best, four-seamer has a sharp plane that he can keep low in the zone. Horizontal movement on two-seamer can become sharper down the line. Throws a slider / power curve depending on who you talk to. Changeup is a solid circle change with late hand side action and depth away. Gausman has good depth in his delivery, an initial soft landing knee bend and a nice downhill motion with the lower half. His hip/torso has some lag in it that looks to be beyond 45 degrees, which is how he throws with impressive speed but has a smooth delivery to go along with it. Tends to having a rocking motion, but his arm slots are ideal. His lead elbow is in a good spot at toe touch, and he has a nice drag of the arm. Can cross his body at times and at other times he tends to get himself open too much. Tends to show a bit of recoil about 6″- 8″ in front of his body, which can be attributed to a slight hip slap. Has a collapsing delivery and sometimes fails to get over his front. Is a more of a thrower right now: will occasionally hit his spots, but will occasionally lose command in the name of power. Has just average control as a result of his power arsenal. Lightning arm speed and a body that can fill out a good 15-20 pounds. Long arms and legs should press a longer stride and extend his release point, which will make his entire arsenal more effective. Very quick to the plate, already registering 1.38-1.44 delivery times.
FB: 94-96 mph and touches 97-98. Two-seam sits 90-94 mph with good life and movement.
CH: 82-84 mph with good depth and extremely offsets his fastball.
SL: 82-88 mph with good tilt. Really more of a mix between a power curve and a slider. Works better at 82-84 mph. Loses sharpness at higher velocity


2012 21 BAL-min A+,A- 0 1 3.60 5 5 0 15.0 11 6 6 3 1 13 0 0.800 6.6 1.8 0.6 7.8 13.00
2013 22 BAL-min AA,AAA 3 6 3.51 16 15 0 82.0 80 37 32 4 14 82 4 1.146 8.8 0.4 1.5 9.0 5.86
2013 22 BAL AL 3 5 5.66 20 5 0 47.2 51 30 30 8 13 49 0 1.343 9.6 1.5 2.5 9.3 3.77
1 Yr 3 5 5.66 20 5 0 47.2 51 30 30 8 13 49 0 1.343 9.6 1.5 2.5 9.3 3.77

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2014 Baseball Prospectus 101: #10
2013 Baseball Prospectus 101: #13

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