What Could the Start of the Orioles Series Against the Blue Jays Mean for the End of Baltimore’s Season?

Hopefully coming off a good series of results in their remaining games against the New York Yankees, the Baltimore Orioles will hope to make the most of their six game series against the unfancied Toronto Blue Jays. Looking at sports betting odds for the remainder of the season, the Orioles look to be an intriguing pick for the 2013 AL Pennant – far from a sure thing but not out of contention just yet.

Whilst common opinion is that the Orioles are most worried about the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays, the six games between Baltimore and Toronto could prove to be decisive in whether the Orioles can snag the highly coveted second wild card spot and keep their hopes of a World Series appearance alive.

Last season was a particularly memorable one for the Orioles, culminating in a loss to the New York Yankees in the Division Series and Baltimore fans will no doubt be hoping that their team can recapture a little of that magic in the final moments of this season. That said, the Blue Jays will certainly want to put up some stiff competition to give fans something to get behind after a mostly disappointing season – Toronto are already out of contention for a wild card spot.

Whilst much of the media coverage of the Orioles first game of four against the New York Yankees has focussed on the war of words between the two teams’ managers, the win is an important step in the right direction for Baltimore – even though much of the Twitter discussion in the aftermath of the game seemed was in reaction to what nearly became an ‘old man fight’ between Buck Showalter and Joe Girardi rather than Baltimore’s win. Similarly crucial is the first game between the Orioles and the Blue Jays on September 13th, which will almost definitely have an impact on sports betting lines for the Orioles no matter the outcome. The six games in which the two teams will meet overall could prove to be crucial in regards to Baltimore’s current standings: the team are currently merely one and a half games back of Tampa Bay but snapping at their heels are New York who are only one a half games behind Baltimore.

Adding to the pressure on Baltimore is the solid run of form that the unfancied Toronto are enjoying as of late. Despite their poor overall record for the season, the Blue Jays are on a solid streak of three wins which will no doubt buoy their confidence as the play out their final few games against the Los Angeles Angels before turning their attention towards Baltimore. Furthermore, the Orioles will be without highly praised rookie Henry Urrutia after work visa troubles that have proven to be problematic for the player in the past have once again reared their head.

The start of the Orioles’ series against the Blue Jays looks to be a nail biter for Baltimore fans, with so many unpredictable elements and the ever surprising nature of late-season competition. However, for fans who think they know exactly how the end of the season will play out, betting on sports in these late stages of the baseball year can prove to be very profitable thanks to the attractive odds available on sportsbook websites. Taking a look at one such online sportsbook over at Sports.bodog.eu has the odds for the Baltimore Orioles to win the 2013 AL Pennant down at 15/1 as of the time of writing.

Could Baltimore still have it in them? Only time will tell, but it is certainly well worth keeping up with all the latest developments in terms of betting odds at sports betting sites such as Sports.bodog.eu. The end of the MLB season looks set to be filled with twists and turns for all the teams involved, and it just might be that, like last year, the Orioles pull off something rather special.

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