Orioles Look To Maintain Winning Record In 2013

This past year for the Baltimore Orioles was something of a resurgence for the team.  Having not entered the post season since 1997, they team secured a wildcard spot with a 93-69 record.  They entered the playoffs and won their first round but were not able to knock off the New York Yankees in their second series.  If they want to maintain this level of play and have a chance at the World Series next year, they will need to find ways to strengthen their right side in field as well as add more talented players to their pitching roster.

One of the few flaws the Orioles saw in their play this year was the right side of their infield.  They have a few options at second base, including Brian Roberts, Ryan Flahery and Robert Andino.  Unfortunately, each player carries with them certain restrictions that will ultimately inhibit the team.  By finding a way to get a premiere second baseman, they will make their team all the more stronger and capable of getting things done while on defense.  While the free agent market is slim pickings when it comes to the position, they may be able to work out a trade and get someone in there come April.

They may need to look for a starting pitcher this season as well.  While they have some good candidates at the position, they certainly will want to keep their options open and try to find the best candidate possible to join Jason Hammel and Wei-Yin Che at the position.  Anything can happen before April, so be on the lookout.

When it comes to teams that should make a splash in 2013, the Baltimore Orioles are at the top of the list.  If they can find a way to get both their right side infield and pitching under control, they will be almost a sure sure when you start making your MLB picks on the season.

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