On-Base Plus Slugging (OPS)

On base-plus slugging adds a player’s SLG to their OBP, which provides a quick look at a hitter’s overall production.

The biggest issue with OPS is that it undervalues on-base percentage by weighing it evenly with slugging percentage, even though OBP is a much better indicator of a hitter’s worth and production and SLG normally takes up a larger portion of a hitter’s OPS.  OPS also counts a single and a triple as equal value when it comes to OBP, which is another obvious flaw.

Despite the deficiencies with OPS, it still provides an easy and understandable way to get an indicator of a player’s offensive production.

wOBA is a relatively new statistic that is without OPS’s flaws and does a much better job at evaluating a player’s offensive worth.

Formula: OBP + SLG