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Brian Matusz

Brian Matusz

PostPost #1 by birdwatcher55 » June 2nd, 2012, 6:06 pm

Solid 7 plus innings vs. Rays. Orioles win, 2-1, to end 6-game losing streak. He was stellar today but still feel his performance against Boston recently was his best. Sox much tougher hitting team than Jays. Regardless, Brian really rose up when we really needed it the most. And back in the WIN COLUMN!!! 8-)
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Re: Brian Matusz

PostPost #2 by osforlife » June 2nd, 2012, 11:40 pm

Brian really stepped up and became the big boy today. After a 6 game losing streak, he goes out and pitches his a** off to get us the win. And i loved the fire in him after he came off. He slammed his glove on the bench even though he pitched stellar.
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Re: Brian Matusz

PostPost #3 by dan72 » June 3rd, 2012, 8:21 am

There was a reason he was drafted so high, and national scouts had him projected as a #2 or 3 starter. Throw out what we saw last year from Matusz, he wasn't in baseball shape.
I saw Matusz about 10 times in the minors in 2009. When he is on, he is able to keep hitters off balance, unhittable at times. He doesn't have the amazing mid to high 90's fastball that the fans want but his off speed stuff is filthy. This guy could be scary now that he has some confidence going. I think up until last year he had survived on raw talent but the injury and lack of conditioning caught up to him. Confidence is so huge for players.... I think he has the potential to be almost Kershaw like. Kershaw does have a little more on his fatball. AL east...now we are seeing the real Matusz.
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