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Returning in 10 days

Returning in 10 days

PostPost #1 by Jordan Tuwiner » May 12th, 2012, 9:40 am

As most of you know, I've been out of the country for three months. While I have not had time to post, I have enjoyed reading the excellent insight all of you share here.

My time away from the site and writing was a nice break, but to say I am excited to get back to working on ON would be an understatement. Tucker has done a great job with everything in my absence.

I'd like to thank everyone for sticking around and keeping ON active even when the content has not been as good or as frequent as we'd like.

Stay tuned for some exciting new features once I return home. Go O's!
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Jordan Tuwiner
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Re: Returning in 10 days

PostPost #2 by ofahn » May 12th, 2012, 11:14 am

Jordan wrote:Tucker has done a great job with everything in my absence.

I agree. He has a good baseball mind, but it will be good to have you back.
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Re: Returning in 10 days

PostPost #3 by Shorebirdfan » May 12th, 2012, 4:33 pm

Agree Tucker has done an excellent job, but just like I'm missing Reimold, it'll be nice to have the whole team back together.
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Re: Returning in 10 days

PostPost #4 by Old Sneakers » May 12th, 2012, 6:06 pm

Come home safe Jordan!
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Old Sneakers
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Re: Returning in 10 days

PostPost #5 by Tucker Blair » May 13th, 2012, 10:59 am

thanks guys!

Jordan we might have to kick you out of the country again if they keep winning LOL
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Tucker Blair
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