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2010 MLB Awards

2010 MLB Awards

PostPost #1 by LukeScottsShotgun » October 6th, 2010, 11:49 am

Predictions for each award.

AL MVP: Very close between Cano and Josh Hamilton, but I give the slight edge to Hamilton due to better numbers. I would not be surprised if Cano won it due to the fact that he played the whole year and he provided GG-caliber defense at second base. I might hate the Yankees, but not to the point where I'm blinded of Cano's greatness. Either one of those two would be deserving.

AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez. If he doesn't win it, something's wrong. David Price, Trevor Cahill, and CC Sabathia would be the next three deserving candidates. Had Cahill not been injured for the entire month of April, he probably would have won the AL Cy Young.

AL ROTY: Feliz. Owning the rookie save record is good enough to earn my vote. Austin Jackson, Brian Matusz, and Wade Davis would be the next three deserving candidates (in that order). With that said, Jackson is the most likely of that bunch to be a fluke. Jackson needs to grasp this crazy idea of "taking pitches". Reminds me of a young Jeffrey Hammonds.

AL Manager Of The Year: Ron Gardenhire. Think of everything the Twins have had to overcome this year: No Joe Nathan (the best closer in the game not named Rivera), down year by Mauer, and no Morneau for a significant portion of the year. No problem for a team managed by Ron Gardenhire. Ron Washington would be deserving as well, as would Joe Maddon. Buck gets 2011 AL MOTY though!

AL CPOTY: Some good contenders this year. There's Shawn Marcum, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Carl Pavano. I'll go with Thome because he's a sentimental favorite to me. If people are dumb enough to vote for Bautista despite the fact he hasn't really come back from anything, he'll probably get it.

NL MVP: JOEY. VOTTO. Pujols finishes second.

NL Cy Young: Roy Halladay. Holy cow am I glad he's out of the AL East. Adam Wainwright deserves mentioning too.

NL ROTY: Buster Posey, although the media is in love with Jason Heyward so I could see Heyward getting it. Garcia of the Cardinals would get it any other year.

NL Manager of the Year: Bud Black (Padres). Black took a team that was supposed to flirt with 100 loses and took them to within one game of the post season. One of the best manager jobs I've ever seen. I can't think of anyone else who could have pulled it off.

NL CPOTY: Tim Hudson, Aubrey Huff, and Scott Rolen are all deserving in my mind. I'd give my vote to another sentimental favorite, Scott Rolen. I've been a huge fan of his for his entire career, and I'm extremely happy to see his career revived, even if it's just for one year.
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Re: 2010 MLB Awards

PostPost #2 by MagicOn33rd » October 18th, 2010, 1:32 pm

Here is my take on the Awards for the 2010 MLB Season.

AL MVP: I'm going to give this one to Hamilton, even though I think the writers will award it to Cano. Hamilton was injured and out for a month, and while he was gone, the Rangers kept winning. They were both vital to the team, and along with the numbers, you have to look at the defense, which I'm going to give the slight nod to Hamilton.

NL MVP: Hands down, Joey Votto. No question, and I really shouldn't have to write any explanation. The numbers were ridiculous, and he was in the Triple Crown Race until Carlos Gonzales (who is 2nd in the voting) came storming up and won the Batting title. But the numbers were insane, the Reds turnaround was incredible, and Joey Vottto was the leader the entire year.

AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez. He was the best pitcher, and the biggest drawback is that he played for a team that wasn't winning. Or scoring runs. He was able to get the wins even without the run support that all the other pitchers in this race had.

NL Cy Young: Doc Halliday. Perfect Game. 20 wins. He's Roy Halladay. Not in the AL East killing us anymore, and that too should be praised.

AL ROY: This one is close, but I'm going to award it to Austin Jackson. I think Wade Davis deserves the award, as does Feliz, but for this year alone, Jackson had the best numbers and also had a huge impact. Jumped right into the lineup, and when he was able to have an at-bat, he was pretty darn good.

NL ROY: Buster Posey. I was all set to give it to Heyward after Opening Day, with the bomb he hit, but the entire season Posey proved why he was the best. He is an incredible hitter, and his defense is not that of a rookie.

AL MOY: Buck? Nah.. Came in too late. But this award goes to Ron Washinton (TEX).

NL MOY: Bud Black. The end of season collapse was not his fault, and he took a horrible team from last year, and brought them to within one win of the postseason. Great season in San Diego, and he should be recognized for the entire regular season, not just mocked for the last few weeks.
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