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What free agents would you pursue from a logical stand point?

What free agents would you pursue from a logical stand point?

PostPost #1 by ljmillar22 » October 31st, 2011, 8:41 am

We are all aware that the starting rotation and a power hitting corner IF are a need, but would like to here what players the Orioles Nation would pursue?
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Re: What free agents would you pursue from a logical stand point?

PostPost #2 by Don » October 31st, 2011, 9:56 am

I am in the middle of doing a piece on this at the moment, likely within the Thursday/Friday time frame....
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Re: What free agents would you pursue from a logical stand point?

PostPost #3 by ofahn » October 31st, 2011, 10:11 am

This is an updated (10/31/2011) list of free agents and potential free agents developed from MLB Trade Rumors (links at bottom).

Atlanta Braves
Gonzalez, Alex
Linebrink, Scott
McLouth, Nate
Sherrill, George
Wilson, Jack

Arizona Diamondbacks
Marquis, Jason
McDonald, John
Nady, Xavier
Overbay, Lyle

Baltimore Orioles
Guerrero, Vladimir
Izturis, Cesar

Boston Red Sox
Bedard, Erik
Drew, J.D.
Jackson, Conor
Miller, Trever
Ortiz, David
Papelbon, Jon
Varitek, Jason
Wakefield, Tim
Wheeler, Daniel

Chicago Cubs
Grabow, John
Johnson, Reed
Lopez, Rodrigo
Ortiz, Ramon
Pena, Carlos
Wood, Kerry

Cincinnati Reds
Hernandez, Ramon J.
Renteria, Edgar
Willis, Dontrelle

Cleveland Indians
Durbin, Chad
Fukudome, Kosuke
Thome, Jim
Sizemore, Grady

Colorado Rockies
Cook, Aaron
Ellis, Mark
Millwood, Kevin
Romero, J.C.

Chicago Cubs
Ramirez, Aramis

Chicago White Sox
Buehrle, Mark
Castro, Ramon Abraham
Pierre, Juan
Vizquel, Omar

Detroit Tigers
Betemit, Wilson
Guillen, Carlos
Ordonez, Magglio
Penny, Brad
Santiago, Ramon
Zumaya, Joel

Miami Marlins
Dobbs, Greg
Lopez, Jose
Vazquez, Javier C.

Houston Astros
Barmes, Clint
Michaels, Jason

Kansas City Royals
Chen, Bruce
Francis, Jeff
Kendall, Jason

Los Angeles Angels
Branyan, Russ
Pineiro, Joel
Ramirez, Horacio
Rodney, Fernando

Los Angeles Dodgers
Barajas, Rod
Blake, Casey
Broxton, Jonathan
Carroll, Jamey
Garland, Jon
Kuroda, Hiroki
MacDougal, Mike
Miles, Aaron
Padilla, Vicente
Rivera, Juan

Milwaukee Brewers
Betancourt, Yuniesky
Counsell, Craig
Fielder, Prince
Hairston Jr, Jerry
Hawkins, LaTroy
Kotsay, Mark S.
Rodriguez, Francisco
Saito, Takashi

Minnesota Twins
Capps, Matt
Cuddyer, Mike
Kubel, Jason
Nathan, Joe

New York Mets
Batista, Miguel
Capuano, Chris
Hairston, Scott
Harris, Willie
Isringhausen, Jason
Reyes, Jose
Young, Chris

New York Yankees
Ayala, Luis
Chavez, Eric
Colon, Bartolo
Garcia, Freddy Antonio
Jones, Andruw
Marte, Damaso
Mitre, Sergio
Posada, Jorge

Oakland Athletics
Crisp, Coco
DeJesus, David
Harden, Rich
Matsui, Hideki
Willingham, Josh

Philadelphia Phillies
Gload, Ross
Ibanez, Raul J.
Lidge, Bradley
Madson, Ryan
Oswalt, Roy
Rollins, Jimmy
Schneider, Brian

Pittsburgh Pirates
Lee, Derrek
Ludwick, Ryan
Cedeno, Ronny
Doumit, Ryan
Maholm, Paul
Snyder, Chris

San Diego Padres
Bell, Heath
Harang, Aaron
Hawpe, Brad
Qualls, Chad

Seattle Mariners
Bard, Josh
Kennedy, Adam
Pena, Wily
Wright, Jamey

San Francisco Giants
Beltran, Carlos
Burrell, Pat
Cabrera, Orlando
De Rosa, Mark
Mota, Guillermo
Ross, Cody

St. Louis Cardinals
Jackson, Edwin
Laird, Gerald
Pujols, Albert
Punto, Nick
Rhodes, Arthur

Tampa Bay Rays
Cruz, Juan
Damon, Johnny
Kotchman, Casey

Texas Rangers
Chavez, Endy
Gonzalez, Mike
Oliver, Darren
Treanor, Matt
Webb, Brandon
Wilson, C.J.

Toronto Blue Jays
Camp, Shawn
Francisco, Frank
Johnson, Kelly
Molina, Jose

Washington Nationals
Ankiel, Rick
Coffey, Todd
Cora, Alex
Gomes, Jonny
Hernandez, Livan
Nix, Laynce
Rodriguez, Ivan
Wang, Chien-Ming

The following players may be eligible depending upon their contract options

Arizona Diamondbacks
Duke, Zach
Blanco, Henry
Bloomquist, Willie
Hill, Aaron

Cincinnati Reds
Cordero, Francisco
Phillips, Brandon

Los Angeles Angels
Wells, Vernon

New York Yankees
Soriano, Rafael
Sabathia, C.C.

St. Louis Cardinals
Dotel, Octavio
Furcal, Rafael
Patterson, Corey

Tampa Bay Rays
Farnsworth, Kyle
Shoppach, Kelly

Toronto Blue Jays
Encarnacion, Edwin
Rauch, Jon


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Re: What free agents would you pursue from a logical stand point?

PostPost #4 by ljmillar22 » October 31st, 2011, 1:19 pm

ok don thankyou, look forward to reading it.
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Re: What free agents would you pursue from a logical stand point?

PostPost #5 by A_K » October 31st, 2011, 1:25 pm

I'm not attracted to very much of what's available in free agency. Here's a list of players including both free agents and players speculated to be available in a trade that I'd be interested in pursuing given the right circumstances.

1B: Daric Barton, Kendrys Morales, Adam Lind
2B: Gordon Beckham
3B: Casey McGehee, Chase Headley
OF: Chris Heisey, Logan Morrison, Delmon Young, Josh Willingham

Obviously everyone is only attractive at a particular price. I wouldn't give up a great deal for any of the above players, but assuming a moderate cost I'd be at least intrigued by the prospect of acquiring any of these players. These are the sorts of lower cost, high upside, young players that I feel should be the primary targets of our new front office.
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Re: What free agents would you pursue from a logical stand point?

PostPost #6 by Matt P » October 31st, 2011, 4:40 pm

Edwin Jackson, Michael Cuddyer, Casey Kotchman, Carlos Pena, Aaron Hill, Kelly Johnson, Jerry Hairston Jr., Wilson Betemit, Casey Blake, Aramis Ramirez, Josh Willingham, David DeJesus, Coco Crisp, Erik Bedard, Jeff Francis, Rich Harden, Hiroki Kuroda are all guys that I would pursue.
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Re: What free agents would you pursue from a logical stand point?

PostPost #7 by LA Detective » October 31st, 2011, 10:51 pm

Because of his contract, if Roberts thinks he is good to go we kind of have to give him a shot. I would pursue middle inf types who can play multiple positions and great defense...I would like to see what the Jack Wilson and John McDonald types have left with the gloves...The plan would be if Angle can make it at the leadoff spot then we could afford a great defensive guy if Roberts goes down..if there is alot of doubt in Roberts then Brandon Phillips is interesting and then just worry about it if Roberts becomes healthy...

If we believe Fielder can be a leader, a guy who puts his team first and comes to play everyday for his team, I say no doublt go after him hard...real hard...I know the SP has to improve but it would fill that hole for a long time...then we could really afford guys like Angle leading off and a great defensive 3b and 2b (if no Roberts) batting 8th and 9th....This would go a long way toward improving the pitching....Also, it gives offensive freedom to possibly trade an AJones in a package for someone we believe can be an potential ace...

As far as pitching, its about an educated guess who might be healthy now or bouncing back.. We arent going to improve our pitching much thru the FA market..But we can build a better defense...go back to the old Oriole Way and the young pitching will natually develope.

And of course educated guesses on relievers..I think we're fine with JJ but great arms in the middle like an Rodney type should be deeply looked into...

might look at a Coco Crisp type to platoon with Angle and be the 4th OF...

As you see, if you cant play D I wouldnt want you...Even Fielder can play some...If he is the right guy to lead our team, getting him would have a trickle down effect on the rest of the needs...
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