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Mark Reynolds: Comparison to his Competition

Re: Mark Reynolds: Comparison to his Competition

PostPost #16 by Oriole85 » October 19th, 2011, 10:55 am

Don wrote:His bat does not profile for 1B, it is considered below replacement level because of the vast amount of unproductive outs in his game.

I do not feel that he is a liability at third with improvements with minor footwork. It sets him in a better position to throw, which was his biggest issue this season. He is working with a a former third baseman a few times this winter to improve. I think his reactions and glove easily are one of the better hands at that position.

I think he also has the athletic chops to play LF, but likely a moot point considering the log jam of players.

I do not honestly know how he transitions to DH. Guys start to think often while in the dugout and sometimes that wrecks their game. I would need to know if the mental aspect in his game is strong enough to stay focused and without clutter in the head. If he thinks too much, his production could take a serious hit and turn into a high priced liability on the bench.

So don't go after a 3B and play him at 1B? What are other options to play 1B after all- Chris Davis, who is worse? Do we re-sign Luke Scott, despite his injury tendencies? I'm not sure who they would get on the market, Carlos Pena? Reimold is playing left so thats a moot point.
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Re: Mark Reynolds: Comparison to his Competition

PostPost #17 by osforlife » October 20th, 2011, 6:42 pm

It think the question marks going into the season are first, second, third, left, DH, and a rotation spot.
If I was manager I would.......
Put Reynolds at first, Davis at 3rd, Reimold in left, Adams in second, and then we need a DH.
I wouldn't bring Scott back. He's expensive, slow, ageing, and streaky.
Grady Sizemore would be an intriguing free agent for a DH spot. Have Andino be the backup infielder and DH vs. LH pitchers who flourishes against lefties. Sizemore struggles against lefties so if we could get him to play 100 games at DH with occasionally start in LF that would be great.
Sizemore, Markakis, Jones, Davis, Hardy, Wieters, Reynolds, Reimold, and Adams.
I think the Orioles should take the risk on Yu Darvish. He’s young and got the ability to be an ace. I don’t think he will be no Verlander but be able pitch 200 innings with an ERA -3.75. Either keep Guthrie or trade him and sign a free agent like Wang. Agree or disagree?
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