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Starling a possible choice?

Starling a possible choice?

PostPost #1 by docjj » May 19th, 2011, 10:50 pm

Jordan seems to love those toolsy high school athlete types. He had great success in Florida with this approach, though it hasn't yielded much for the O's. Avery and Hoes aren't exactly setting the world on fire, but obviously they're both still quite young. Ryan Adams and Tyler Henson were from Jordan's first O's draft and haven't proven themselves as potential every day Major Leaguers.

Starling seems to be the "toolsiest" and most athletic guy in the whole draft. The type of guy that Jordan must be salivating over. Assuming Rendon and Cole are off the board, and AZ takes either some polished college guy like Hultzen or stud HS pitcher like Bundy, would Jordan reach for the stars and go with Starling at #4? There are plenty of "safer" guys there to take, and lord knows our luck with high school position players has stunk over the years (hopefully Machado will buck that trend).
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Re: Starling a possible choice?

PostPost #2 by Don » May 20th, 2011, 6:51 am

My own thoughts is the Orioles can find another player that can easily hit their ceiling and still possess enough talent to justify the high dollar signing bonus. I have taken a straw poll of friends with organizations and the though process is the same as mine. He is very, very raw. He has the chance to be an all world player with his size, power, speed, strength combination. He comes from an area that is not known to produce players because the competition is not a great as say Southern California, East Oklahoma, Texas, or South Florida. Baseball, unlike other major sports, require very stiff competition in order to develop beyond a foundation.

If they went the Starling route, they have to be very, very, very bullish to think they have the instructors and the coaches to take the few seasons required to turn him into a ball player. I think he has Josh Hamilton type of ceiling, but he could easily Chris Lubanski (2003 5th overall still in minors).

I simply feel that the last one standing of Hultzen, Bundy, Cole, or Rendon should be the choice. If one or two are still an option on the board I put them in this order.

1. Bundy
2. Rendon
3. Cole
4. Hultzen
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