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What in the world is Tillman thinking on the mound?

What in the world is Tillman thinking on the mound?

PostPost #1 by Don » April 13th, 2011, 7:15 pm

Chris Tillman needs his head examined today. I mean countless meatballs at the plate and all up in the zone. He is shorting himself and wondering if he is tight. I am shocked that it is only 6-0 at this point. Once this staff is healthy, he needs to be looked at in a long light.

He needs to stretch out the arm with long tosses and really work after games to keep his trunk and core strong. These pre-game routines have to be a bit more exhaustive,if he is coming out cold all the time. Work some sweat is going to help.

I just see no fire in him on the mound. While I like the fact that he is dedicated to stay in command of his pitches, you do not want to do so in order to pull back on your stuff. Sometimes nasty can be a good thing for a starting pitcher.
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Re: What in the world is Tillman thinking on the mound?

PostPost #2 by 2131andBeyond » April 29th, 2011, 11:34 pm

Tillman's stuff, from the stands and on TV both, always looks very flat. Now yes, his fastball has always been straight, but without the velocity, it is a dull pitch. Very hittable. His curveball shows to be erratic, and the changeup, WHEN he locates it, can be okay. He's the kind of guy, with that fastball, that I would think a slider would work well for, but who knows with that arm motion.

I will be sure to check out his pre game routine during his next start in Baltimore and let you know. I have noticed that a guy like Britton only throws about 20 pitches in the pen, while some opposing pitchers go up and throw easily 50-70.
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