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FanGraphs: Newman’s Own Orioles tidbits

FanGraphs: Newman’s Own Orioles tidbits

PostPost #1 by Jordan Tuwiner » November 15th, 2012, 3:44 pm

Mike Newman (Scouting the Sally) published a number or lists ranking the top prospects he personally saw at each position during the 2012 season. Here are the Orioles on his lists:
4. Nicky Delmonico, Baltimore Orioles (2B)

To my surprise, the Orioles organization did their best to turn Nicky Delmonico into an offensive-minded second baseman. By July, Delmonico was back where he belonged defensively. In game action. Delmonico presented above average bat speed and plate discipline, as well as an average hit tool and power. On defense, his hands were hard, but the Orioles wanting to challenge him defensively means they saw enough agility to push the envelope. The sum of the parts is unlikely to equal an impact talent, but Delmonico does possess a balanced set of skills not completely dissimilar to the leading man on this list.

15. Jason Esposito, Baltimore Orioles

Yes, Esposito was a former high round pick from Vanderbilt. Unfortunately for the Orioles, every concern about his bat entering the draft was proved accurate as the 22-year old posted an anemic .537 OPS in the South Atlantic League. To add insult to offense, Esposito didn’t present as the plus defender I was expecting to see. His combination of tools and skills leaves him more of an organizational player than premium big league defender with a fringe bat he was reported to be.

8. Glynn Davis, Baltimore Orioles

For me, Glynn Davis had seven figure tools nearly as impressive as those of Mason Williams. However, his baseball skills were significantly less refined. Speed and athleticism are Davis’ calling cards, and influence everything he does on a baseball field. With reps and experience the hope is Davis’ baseball skills catch up to his tools and allow him to excel, instead of survive off of tools alone. If these rankings were based off of the ratio of signing bonus-to-tools, Davis and his $100,000 bonus would occupy the top spot.
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