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What will the Orioles do with Nate McLouth?

Re: What will the Orioles do with Nate McLouth?

PostPost #16 by Old Sneakers » September 21st, 2012, 6:54 pm

ofahn wrote:I think all of the parties would be better off if Riemold spent as little time in the OF as possible. He's an AVERAGE fielder, but he's a bigger health risk. Where that man excels is when you put a bat in his hands. He's a natural.

Have to agree with that whole heartily.

If it's and buts were berries and nuts we'd all have a merry christmas. That said, I am keeping hope alive that the organization can get a true lead off hitter somehow, somewhere. I do not think it's going to happen without moving pitching we can ill afford to part with. This is why I am not discounting L.J. Hoes just yet. Power from LF is desirable sure. However the team generally speaking has enough power. Though in my opinion It isn't scoring enough runs. This year's bullpen has been nothing short of amazing. We would have a very tough time of duplicating the results it has given us.

I will just start filling out my winter meetings christmas list now
1-Starting Pitching
2-Quality lead off hitter at 2B or LF
3-Upgrade at 2B and LF overall
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Re: What will the Orioles do with Nate McLouth?

PostPost #17 by Matt P » September 22nd, 2012, 12:50 am

If McLouth keeps playing great I may end up changing my mind before the off season lol.
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