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Hobgood: Strained right cuff will delay spring training

Re: Hobgood: Strained right cuff will delay spring training

PostPost #16 by allstar1579 » February 22nd, 2011, 2:43 pm

Don wrote:I do not like boasting about myself, but lets just say that I know my way around the diamond.

It was a acute tear and first diagonsed as tendonitis the first go around. Tendonitis is really a chroic case of small tears on a constant basis. Once you get, you have it for the rest of your life and the way to subdue it is through RICE and limiting the use of those muscles and tendons surrounding the clavical. Both are treated with RICE, injections, and therapy almost always.

Any full tears are instantly placed on the table right away. Either way MRI can only tell a small bit of the story. They would have to open him up to see what it really wrong. It may come to this, but in no way do I want this to happen to any kid, if at all possible.

I agree there, you hope for the best, no doubt, but I don't like the odds. He's even said himself he doesn't like all the attention he gets for being the 5th pick (negative), I have a feeling he came out last spring after not throwing a bunch and tried to really heat it up in his first showing to prove the doubters wrong and tore something. He's a strong and tough enough kid to pitch through it all year and still be moderately successful, but it would explain the 7-8mph he lost on the gun, the wacky arm angle, and the slurvy-ness of his supposedly sharp curve. It'll be interesting to see how it all goes, but he's nothing like he was in HS right now, so something is off.
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