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It Takes A Village To Build A Good Forum

It Takes A Village To Build A Good Forum

PostPost #1 by ofahn » August 9th, 2012, 11:21 am

From time to time all of us get in a hurry and make a mistake or miss something when we post. It's human nature.

If you see someone's mistake you have the opportunity to point it out so that they can correct it. Of course, there are an assortment of ways that can be done.

You can ridicule them in a post. Probably not going to make many friends that way.

You can simply point out their mistake in a post, but that also will embarrass them and still probably cause hard feelings.

You could send them a Private Message* to explain what you saw and give them the chance to correct their mistake. This method will almost certainly be respected and appreciated by the member and add to your good reputation. If someone is nice enough to do this for you I would strongly recommend that you give them a Reputation Point**.

As careful as I am I still make mistakes in what I post. I'm human. Whenever someone is nice enough to do what I have suggested I thank them and give a Rep Point. We're all Orioles fans and should use this site to share our enthusiasm for our team. Let's try to remember to act as teammates.

*You can send any member a Private Message by clicking on the PM Icon just below the members' name on the left side of the screen. This type of communication is PRIVATE between you and the recipient.

**You can give someone a Reputation Point by clicking on the square green icon on the upper right hand corner of any of THEIR posts. Doing so will take you to another screen where you must click on SUBMIT to finish the process.
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Re: It Takes A Village To Build A Good Forum

PostPost #2 by Jordan Tuwiner » August 9th, 2012, 5:58 pm

Thanks for posting this!
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