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Post-Signing Deadline Depth Charts

Re: Post-Signing Deadline Depth Charts

PostPost #16 by ofahn » July 17th, 2012, 2:57 pm

Shorebirdfan wrote: think its time to cut bait on some of the experiments in the organization (Jai Miller, Bll Hall, Nate McLouth)

I would consider keeping McLouth but you would think that Miller is a goner with the Cuban they just signed slotted to start at AA.

We may never know this but I wonder if there weren't underlying issues with letting Schultz go. Something beyond the two white lines. While at 24 he was old for A+ ball I'm surprised they gave up on him so soon unless there was something else.
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Re: Post-Signing Deadline Depth Charts

PostPost #17 by Tucker Blair » July 17th, 2012, 3:20 pm

Hobgood should not be forgotten. I didn't put him on the list though because, funny enough, I forgot about him.

This is how they separate for me:

Davis: The potential to be the best fielder and baserunner out of that group. He could turn into a decent CF or 4th OF. He's much more raw in my eyes so it's going to be fun watching him potentially grow more down the road.
Mummey: Has the best all-around potential in my eyes. If he can stay healthy (which is a huge IF) he is possibly the best all-around one out of these three. However, injuries are almost a skill-set to me. Being able to stay healthy is just as important as being talented.
Ruettiger: I think he is the safest option to produce at further levels. He isn't the most athletic, fastest, strongest, or best overall out of the three. However, he just has the gamer mentality and it's what I really love about him. He has produced at every level so far and that's all you can ask.
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