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Does anyone know why Hoes in LF and Avery in CF at AAA?

Does anyone know why Hoes in LF and Avery in CF at AAA?

PostPost #1 by Matt P » July 15th, 2012, 8:40 pm

I'm probably just looking into things farther than necessary since I'm bored but does anyone know why they are playing there? With Jones' contract extension there isn't going to be a need for a CF. Do they look at Hoes as a better long term answer than Avery? Avery didn't look that great in LF in Baltimore but he did make some great plays due to his great speed. One would think that with some time spent in LF he would improve yet in AAA he is back at CF. Or, could Jones wrist be hurt more than is let on and possibly get shut down if they fall out of the race leading to Avery playing CF the rest of the season?
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Re: Does anyone know why Hoes in LF and Avery in CF at AAA?

PostPost #2 by Tucker Blair » July 15th, 2012, 8:48 pm

Honestly, it's because Hoes is not a good CF.

From the games I have watched, he simply does not track the ball well. He takes below-average routes and would be much better suited as a corner guy. Avery is the more true CF and really is the better option. He takes above-average routes and generally gets a better jump on the ball. Both of their arms are average at best imo.

I do agree that if they want him to play LF with the Orioles, that he should be in LF at Norfolk.
On the long term option, I couldn't tell ya who they think is better. I know coming into the season I was higher on Hoes, but Avery has done everything I wrote and said he needed to do.
Also, you are probably looking into this way too much lol. But hey, that's what we are supposed to do right?
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