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Jones bringing much needed excitement, enthusiasm

Jones bringing much needed excitement, enthusiasm

PostPost #1 by ShowalterPower » January 5th, 2011, 2:45 pm

When Buck Showalter took over last season, the difference in attendance and excitement was impossible to miss. Fans were finally back into the game and enjoyed watching the Orioles again. Showalter took this team over the top and shower them how it feels to win. Now that he has brought that to the team, it is carrying over to some of the other players.

Excited Jones says Orioles can win, not concerned by rest of division:

“We look good right now. I’m excited. We have a good young nucleus and they are adding some veteran pieces. We can win. I don’t care what these other teams are doing. I don’t care what the Red Sox have done, what the Yankees are doing. You still have to go out and play. I’m not afraid of any of those teams. We have a better team and I’m excited.”

We're seeing some much needed motivation that I do not think we have seen for years.
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