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MD Locals Drafted

MD Locals Drafted

PostPost #1 by Tucker Blair » June 6th, 2012, 1:02 pm

Josh Hader- Old Mill HS- Drafted by Orioles
Ryan Ripken- Gilman HS- Drafted by Orioles

Charles Haslup-UMD- Drafted by Yankees
James Reed- UMD- Drafted by Yankees: The Terps Friday Night Starter
Alfredo Rodriguez- UMD- Drafted by Brewers: Second time they were drafted by the Brew Crew

Pat Blair- Wake Forest- Drafted by Astros: I played against him while he was at Calvert Hall (I went to MSJ). He was only a freshman when I was there, but he is pretty damn talented. Oh and I'm not related to him haha.
John Kuchno- Ohio State- Drafted by Pirates: From Ellicott City, went to Saint Pauls HS.
Jeff Kemp- Radford- Hometown Bowie.
Samuel Mulroy- Princeton- Hometown Bethesda
Max Ungar- Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, MD

I'll keep this updated.
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