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So, about 3 weeks left. Who do you want???

So, about 3 weeks left. Who do you want???

PostPost #1 by docjj » May 17th, 2012, 9:48 am

I must say, not many guys have really jumped out at me. I've seen some on TV/Video, and a few in person. I'm certainly not a scout, so I don't know who to critically analyze a hitter's swing (load, tilt, etc...) or a pitcher's delivery....

Everyone raves about the superstar potential of Buxton, so he'd be my first choice. But most draft pundits think he won't make it past 3, either going 1 overall to the Astros, or 3 to the Mariners.

Some guys rave about Carlos Correa. But I think there are some question marks here. First, will he stick at short. 6'3 190 lbs at his young age, I suspect he moves to 3rd. Has he faced a reasonable level of competition? I don't know the first thing about Puerto Rican level baseball. He hits with a really wide stance too- somewhat unusual.

That brings us to the "3 arms". Gaussman, Zimmer, Appel. Each has a potent arsenal and can bring mid-upper 90's heat. But here's the question- if they are so good, why have they not dominated the college circuit. They each have one stellar outing, followed by a couple of mediocre ones. It's quite puzzling. They are all inconsistent. I think I like Gaussman the best because he's youngest and has dominated at times. Appel gets hit way too hard for someone who has such good stuff. Zimmer has a live arm and hasn't been pitching long. But he's faced mediocre competition and has worn down as his season has gone on.

Finally, the wildcard- Lucas Giolito. He may not be healthy to pitch again before the draft and is a total crapshoot. Tremendous ceiling. Health concerns.

Anyone else who could slip into the top 5? I kind of like what I've seen of Almora, but I can't see him cracking the top 8. I haven't seen Cecchini play.
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Re: So, about 3 weeks left. Who do you want???

PostPost #2 by Don » May 17th, 2012, 10:25 am

Carlos Correa - There is more contact in the bat than power, but enough pop to profile at any position outside of 1B. The glove and range, plus the bottom heavy body has always made me move him off.

Byron Buxton - Tools a plenty, love the make up, plus to plus-plus across the board, but it will be tough to reach those lofty expectations. Wish he lived 200 miles South, he would be a better hitter at this stage, but such is life when you have big league bat speed facing 70-75 mph pitchers.

Appel - Great mix, improving poise, attacking hitters, command is not best on effort issues, just streamlining his mechanical tweaks to smooth out release, real minor. What you see is what you get...

Gausman - Electric stuff, thrower and not a pitcher, some un-refinements , age and projection can open his floor/ceiling limits.

HS Arms - offer a bit more ceiling than college, HS bats offer a lot more overall dual threat projection at the top, college has very good everyday role player types and not in the way of many high impact, HS could have 15-20 impact bats if everything falls in the right place.

There are 4 guys I like a great deal that should not drop, but will drop, and good thing!
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Re: So, about 3 weeks left. Who do you want???

PostPost #3 by Old Sneakers » May 17th, 2012, 11:17 am

Byron Buxton
Kevin Gausman
Mark Appel
Kyle Zimmer
David Dahl

in that order

Edit-No sense adding another post (Just wanted to expand upon my own thoughts some)

I do not see Buxton falling to us. Just too much potential there for three teams to pass on him. The three pitchers on my little list would each represent a fine commodity for the Orioles with Zimmer being the biggest question mark. Right now he's a two pitch guy and pitch #3 doesn't sound to hot. I'm sure having Dahl listed on my wish list has folks scratching their heads as he's not an elite talent. I just think he is one of those players we will look back on and say he should've been picked higher. Basically I am rooting for him regardless of who picks him.

Lucas Giolito will get a workout before the draft and if he's healthy could also be an option and perhaps best player in the draft. Teams will have to know what they are getting here. But prior to injury this was the guy the Orioles had "No Chance" of selecting.
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