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potential draftees

potential draftees

PostPost #1 by docjj » March 24th, 2012, 8:27 am

Anyone seen these guys play in person? I've seen a few. I was really impressed by Dahl. He doesn't have the ceiling of Buxton, but seems to square up nicely on every pitch. Buxton has a long, whippy swing, and hasn't faced the best competition. Plus, the O's don't have the best track record of developing these "tools" type players.

I just don't see the hype about Merrero. Sure, he's a great fielder, but I don't think the bat is Major League quality.

As far as pitchers go, Zimmer's stock is really rising, but he hasn't faced elite competition. Wacha and Gausman have been solid all year. Giolito is still among the best prospects, even with his strained UCL. Some say Weikel's ceiling is as high as Giolito's. Fried's last few outings have been nothing special and his stock might be falling.

I'd still be tempted to take Zunino if the Mariners pass on him at 3. He's the safest bat in the whole draft. We could move him or Wieters from catcher, or trade one of them.
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Re: potential draftees

PostPost #2 by Don » March 24th, 2012, 9:15 am

It is a bit premature to link guys at this stage. You hit on some good names, but I do not think the high school kids are dropping as some national media have speculated.

There are a few guys that are a cut better than the rest.

As for me slacking, my duties have increased ten fold this season and I have already put almost 15k miles on my tires. My updated top 50 may come out at anytime now. I will try and make some time to talk. I am best to read these in the morning and will try my best to answer a question. Understand that sometimes I need to be vague and I may or may not grade out.
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Re: potential draftees

PostPost #3 by Tucker Blair » March 25th, 2012, 1:25 pm

I will have Don's top 50 up by Monday night at the latest.
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