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Zach Britton Scouting Report

Zach Britton Scouting Report

PostPost #1 by Jordan Tuwiner » March 20th, 2011, 11:00 pm


I had the chance to see Zach Britton throw on three separate occasions this past season. This report's a little late but at a time when the attention surrounding Britton is as high as ever, I figured I'd throw up a report with my thoughts and observations.

With tremendous poise, confidence and a dominating sinker, it's easy to see what makes Britton the special pitcher and top 30 prospect he is.
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Re: Zach Britton Scouting Report

PostPost #2 by BuckMagic » March 21st, 2011, 5:52 pm

Great piece Jordan. Nothing against Matusz, but I feel Britton is a step ahead at this point. When Matusz was a prospect his fastball was considered an above-average pitch, but now ranges from 88-90mph...worries me a bit.
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Re: Zach Britton Scouting Report

PostPost #3 by allstar1579 » March 21st, 2011, 7:48 pm

It's not the velo that makes Brian's FB above average, it's the control. He's always sat 89-91 and can touch 94 when he reaches back (I've scouted dozens of his games). Where he's using it effectively is as a set up for the change and curve, and it gives him a pitch for the other side of the plate since the change and curve both break to the same side. Guys KNOW what his best pitches are and know he's going to throw them, so when he catches them trying to sit on the curve/change combo, he'll throw in the FB on the inside right at the knees for a lot of his strikeouts.

Britton throws harder than Brian does, but that heavy sink is what does the work. You'll notice with his spring stats that he's getting a ton of outs with little K's, he's using his defense and that great groundball rate to do the work for him, exactly like he should be. They will be a great 1 and 3 punch for years to come (broken up by having a righty in between them in the rotation).
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