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Are You Willing To Give Up Our 1st Rnd Draft Pick To Sign A FA?

Re: Are You Willing To Give Up Our 1st Rnd Draft Pick To Sign A FA?

PostPost #16 by ofahn » January 7th, 2013, 7:20 pm

thezeroes wrote:If you go over the pool money to sign the second thru tenth pick and exhaust your pool of $4.190 Million you get penalized.
I got this from Bleacher Nation.

OK, you're saying that IF we give up our first round pick we would, for some unknown reason, then exceed our limit in the bonus pool. Why would we do that?

Last year we gave everybody slot except the tenth pick, and we gave the money we saved there to Gausman. Why would that be any different this year? It's not like we would sign #24 for under slot so we could over pay a different pick. If we did that we almost certainly would NOT get the best player at #24.

Allow me to post this again.

If we lose our first pick we have a fair chance of making up for it by expanding our attention to the international market and using ALL of our available 3.2M this year. We didn't last year. That would be ALMOST like reallocating the slot money to the international market.

I see that as the great equalizer IF we give up our first pick.
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