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Thoughts On Managers

Thoughts On Managers

PostPost #1 by osforlife » August 14th, 2013, 9:07 pm

It bugs me when MLB Network's analysts say stuff like "that manager has turned this club around", "the feeling this manager brings to that clubhouse is undeniable", or "that manager is probably on the hot seat for losing his job". Does the manager really impact the team's performance all that much. Did Don Mattingly suddenly get smart or change the mentality in clubhouse, or did the Dodgers just get Yasiel Puig in the majors, get Hanley Ramirez healthy, and get Zach Greinke healthy? Did Mike Scocia get dumb after all these years, or did Blanton, Hamilton, Pujols, Hanson, Trumbo, Weaver, Bourjos get injured/under performed? Literally the only MLB NETWORK analyst I pay any attention to is Brian Kenny.
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