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Sebastian Vader

Sebastian Vader

PostPost #1 by adonijah1510 » March 30th, 2014, 4:41 pm

A 18th round draft pick in 2010 out of San Marcos HS which has spent the last two seasons finally gets. a chance in Delmarva. Last season in Aberdeen he had a record of 7 -3 with a ERA of 2.43 in 14 games. Vader started 13 of his 14 games last year giving up only 1 HR in 85.1 innings pitched. In the 2013 season Vader gave up only a 1.63 ERA and a BA of .208 to Lefties. Righties had a 3.09 ERA and a .234 BA agaisnt Vader last season. One thing that stuck out to me was his Away numbers last season with a record of 3 -1 on the road only giving up a .89 ERA and a BA of. 138. While at home he wasn't bad either with a 4 -2 record with a 3.80 ERA and a BA of. 288 number in which he could improve on this season. One thing I really liked was him dropping his BB/9 down to 1.9 and allowing just 1 HR a season over his last few season in Aberdeen. Hopefully a bright prospect to watch in Delmarva this season pitching alongside Hunter Harvey.
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