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Orioles Sign Luis Ayala

Re: Orioles Sign Luis Ayala

PostPost #16 by thezeroes » February 10th, 2012, 11:32 pm

Shorebirdfan wrote:Justin Turner, Peado Beato...now Greg Miclat and Matt Angle. This organization continues to be ajoke. We sit here and complain about not having players who can contribute while we develop them to the verge of contributing and then send them packing.

The problem with selecting only these 4 players from the Orioles multi-player rosters and roster moves that have been waived and claimed by other clubs (not known if Angle will clear waivers or not) is we as fans get fixated on these few players without giving credit for the many many players that are released, waived and sent down, left unprotected and not rule 5 drafted, or claimed from waivers (Guthrie, O'Day, Strop) that were beneficial moves for the ball-club.

I see no mention of losing Florimon. I see no mention of losing Tatum. I see no mention of moving players to the 40 for protection that have become serviceable. You do not mention Jo Jo Reyes being non-tendered/waived. You do not mention that pitcher Chris Jakubauskas and catcher Jake Fox were waived and unclaimed so they were released. Why fixate on four???

As mentioned, Matt Angle was waived but as of yet unclaimed. He may end up in Norfolk before it is all said and done. Justin Turner had fielding issues. He put up a Minus 10 fielding runs (rtz) in his minor league fielding over 6 years. Pedro Beato may be the one mistake made in the Rule 5 of 2011 but as luck would have it he went to a team that could keep him all year on the 25. The jury is still out on Miclat as he has not had a complete year at the MLB Level.
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Re: Orioles Sign Luis Ayala

PostPost #17 by mthompson » February 10th, 2012, 11:52 pm

The real joke is if any fan, of a good team, reading this blog and seeing people complaining about losing Beato, Turner, Angle, and Miclat.
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Re: Orioles Sign Luis Ayala

PostPost #18 by Old Sneakers » February 11th, 2012, 2:17 pm

Regarding all of the replacement players. Any chance this is to exclude Brian Matusz, Chris Tillman, Brad Bergesen and even to a limited extent Jake Arrieta from being in the major league rotation as long as possible?

DD has commented that some guys were rushed in the past. I also know he's reshuffled some front office types in the minors. Am I wrong to think he's discovered some Chasm in Norfolk and intent on keeping former top prospects from becoming reclamation projects next year? I do not claim to know the answer myself. Though it does seem to me that the club should have produced a few more players the past five years including more replacement players. I know it's normal for the upper minor league levels to filter out lesser talents. However, I've had this underlying feeling something is or has been wrong in Bowie and Norfolk. If I am wrong great! Question is why are we needing so many of these players from the outside?
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