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Should The Orioles Sign Joe Saunders?

Re: Should The Orioles Sign Joe Saunders?

PostPost #16 by Matt P » December 30th, 2011, 7:59 pm

ofahn wrote:MLB Trade Rumors' Ben Nicholson-Smith is reporting that the Orioles have had multiple conversations with LHP Joe Saunders' agents. Do you think we should sign him?

Saunders is a classic Number Four "innings eater" in a winning team's rotation. His 2011 stats look good on the surface but should be viewed cautiously in that he played his home games in AZ and benefited from NL lineups and some pretty big parks. The number that stands out for me is 29, the number of HRs he gave up last year. That number is consistent with previous seasons.

Saunders will play at just age 30/31 next season and is LH. he has a decent ground ball rate (44.5%) and should not be as vulnerable as you might think in Camden Yards as many of the lineups he will faced will be predominately RH. If the Orioles were to offer him a base of 2 to 3M and incentives that could add about the same amount based on innings pitched I could see this as a solid addition. If he pitches well in the AL East he would make a great trade chip in July.

What I really like is the idea of forcing all of our starting pitchers to wonder if they will have a place in our crowded rotation next year. It can only give all of them an incentive to work harder.

http://www.baseball-reference.com/playe ... ign=Linker
Why would he come here for 2-3M + incentives? I'm sure there are other clubs that will offer that. If the O's are to sign him they are going to need to pay more than that.
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Re: Should The Orioles Sign Joe Saunders?

PostPost #17 by ofahn » December 30th, 2011, 8:19 pm

And if so I would pass.
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