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Which Role Would You Prefer Buck Showalter to Take?

Re: Which Role Would You Prefer Buck Showalter to Take?

PostPost #16 by BuckMagic » October 13th, 2011, 9:40 pm

Jordan wrote:
ofahn wrote:I'd like to see Buck have a meaningful role in choosing the next GM and be consulted about rebuilding the farm system and player moves BUT that's where it needs to end.

John McGraw was the last GM (owner)/manager I can think of and the game has changed too much since then for one person to handle both roles. Let's hire the right guy, convince Peter Angelos that he will need to substantially increase his investment into the player development process, and start the rebuilding process.

The good thing is, I think we can say for sure Buck understands that more needs to be put into player development. Angelos seems to trust him more than anyone in recent memory. Hopefully Buck can put this through Angelos' head.

Makes sense that Showalter's next choice for GM is more on the development side since Showalter will likely be dealing more with the big league operations. But......it's the Orioles....might make too much sense for them!! :lol:
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