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Keith Law on 105.7 today: Farm System, Lack of Development

Re: Keith Law on 105.7 today: Farm System, Lack of Developme

PostPost #16 by Jordan Tuwiner » August 3rd, 2011, 7:39 pm

dan72 wrote:you guys are on the right track. Its a long season, playing in hot humid weather, on the road, eating at odd hours, etc... You have to be in shape. Clearly some of our players are not.
Has anyone thought that maybe the drop off in Markakis is partly due to frustration? He knows that he can hit 25 homers, walk 150 times, and hit 40 doubles and we will still be a last place team.

Law mentioned that in the interview. He said scouts are wondering what happened and it might be that Markakis is simply bored because no one else contributes.
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