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Uggh.....someone talk me in from off the ledge....

Uggh.....someone talk me in from off the ledge....

PostPost #1 by docjj » June 3rd, 2011, 10:41 pm

Wow, we're just as bad this year as we are every year. (and I think the hitting might be even worse...) There's no end to the disappointments. Markakis simply flat out can't hit. He needs to bat 9th, or dare I say it, be optioned to the minors. (If someone takes him and his outrageous contract from us, that would be fine by me.) Lee has been a monumental disappointment, but the worst, by far, has been Reynolds. We knew he'd K a ton and hit .200. But he's surpassed even those lofty expectations by hitting a .188 without the Home Runs he used to hit. Wieters' bat has continued to shock us (in a negative way). Roberts is hurt (for a change). Well, I think that about covers everyone in our lineup. I guess Hardy's been good (when healthy) and Jones maybe doing better than expected.

Then I look at our Minor Leagues and see a system completely bereft of position players. There's Townsend at Frederick, Machado/Schoop at Delmarva, and possibly Schutz. That's it. No help on the horizon. Snyder and Bell continue to prove they're AAAA guys. Avery and Hoes have severely disappointed.

If I were GM of this moribund franchise, I don't even know how I'd begin to fix it. We're just terrible from top to bottom. And our drafts haven't been all that productive.

Someone talk me in from off the ledge....
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Re: Uggh.....someone talk me in from off the ledge....

PostPost #2 by DougDE » June 4th, 2011, 4:05 am

So disappointing. Had to work tonight so I ignored the radio so I could come home and watch Brittons start on dvr as if it were live and was leaning on the old fast forward button after the grand slam. Oh you forgot to mention the shine is now coming off of Britton and Arrieta. Oh wait, you said talk you off the ledge, not give you more reasons to jump
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