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Guthrie Battling Pnuemonia

Guthrie Battling Pnuemonia

PostPost #1 by Old Sneakers » April 5th, 2011, 3:18 am

The Original Story here http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com

Sadly though the team is off to a nice 4-0 start, it is now down it's top two pitchers. Guthrie will miss the start on Wednesday with a possible return to the rotation for his start on April 10th. Hopefully with him being admitted to the hospital the infection is handled quickly and he doesn't lose weight or expended time.

Brad Bergesen get's the start on Wednesday vs. Justin Verlander. The pitching match up is not favorable to say the least. Additionally Bergesen did not have a good spring or build up his pitch count. While the team may well lose the outing the big issue is how long Guthrie will be out. The team is counting on him to eat a great deal innings this year. The team's Starting Pitching Depth is now down to what is essentially nothing.

Stay tuned, it could be a rough couple weeks.
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Re: Guthrie Battling Pnuemonia

PostPost #2 by Don » April 5th, 2011, 10:03 am

From everything you hear, it is nothing that should pose long term issues. He is getting solid IV fluid to keep his weight up and they caught it before major issues arose. He is expected to be out roughy 5 days and should make his next turn in the rotation, at the very least it is well before 15 days or he would instantly have been on the DL.
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