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5 Reasons Britton Shouldnt Make the Opening Day Rotation

Re: 5 Reasons Britton Shouldnt Make the Opening Day Rotation

PostPost #16 by Don » March 28th, 2011, 12:26 pm

Wayne Graham is not a bad coach. I tend to drop pitchers from his teams because I do not agree with his pitching philosophy, but it does not mean that I will not draft them if I feel they are the best talent on the table. You know the risks with each program and what to expect. Some schools simply look at the numbers. Some schools teach bad habits to get a bit more on the gun. I have seen it all.

Rice does have talent, but you need to pick through and really "re-teach" how to throw some of those guys.

I knew from day one that Wade was surgical table canidate to eventually repair a torn labrum and wanted no part of him in Baltimore. His best chance for him to see the majors would have been the bullpen because he would not be throwing many bullets to increase his chances of injury.

But the one thing to remember about Rice, it will get most of the kids from Texas. I can talk to 20 high school coaches and general knowledge about baseball is fairly certain. I went to a powerhouse high school in Mississippi and 8 players during my years went to proffessional baseball. We had one great knowlegable coach for alot of the fine points in the game. I also threw multiple complete games tossing more than 100 pitches as an 18 year old. I am one example of being abused on the mound. How many of these Rice pitchers were abused in high school and simply added on the pile in College. Just remember that all of these players today play AAU, travel, legion, high school, etc... before they even step on a mound in College or proffessional ranks. Much more emphasis should be placed on the lower ranks as these are where bad habits are started.
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