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why not Clevenger

Re: why not Clevenger

PostPost #16 by osforlife » July 4th, 2014, 2:14 pm

Seafordeagles wrote:I think Buck agrees with me and he disagrees with you on Schoop

I understand that. I think that's pretty obvious, as Schoop is currently at the big league level and playing regularly. But that doesn't automatically mean that you and Buck are right. In fact, I think that's kind of the point of baseball forums. If we all agreed with management all the time, we'd have nothing to talk about.

As for Lough why did he languish so long in the minor leagues when the Kansas City Royals had LOUSY teams?

Well first of all, it's quite plausible that Kansas City didn't deem Lough ready until he mastered the AAA level, which would have been after the 2011 season. So there's two seasons in AAA. Starting in 2012, the Royals had a pretty solid outfield already in place. Alex Gordon was coming off a 7.2 WAR season. Jeff Francouer just finished a 20/20 season, and had just signed a new two year contract extension with the Royals. Lorenzo Cain was a more promising prospect than Lough, and had a better year at Omaha at Lough. It's easy to see why he was given the center field job over Lough. Jarrod Dyson had 36 net steals in AAA in 2011. Jason Bourgeous hit .294 for the Astros in 2011. So obviously, it's not as if Lough had a clear opportunity and missed it. There was plenty of competition.

Why would KC trade him for a right handed DH in Valencia when they already had Billy Butler for that role. Maybe KC knew something that the Orioles didn't know.

Danny Valencia and Billy Butler play two different roles the Royals. Valencia was acquired to platoon with Mike Moustakas at third base. Valencia hasn't had one at-bat at DH this year.
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Re: why not Clevenger

PostPost #17 by Seafordeagles » July 4th, 2014, 6:05 pm

I'll still stick with Buck's decisions.
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