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First Impressions On The 2013 Season

Re: First Impressions On The 2013 Season

PostPost #16 by osforlife » April 26th, 2013, 8:41 pm

I like Steve Johnson; I like him as a long reliever and spot starter for the future. I just think it would be a bad idea to rely on him as one of our five starters. He throws slow and up in the zone. Last year was by the far the best year he had in his career. Majors aside, his WHIP last year was 1.062. His next closest was 1.294. I think he is one of the best, if not the best option to be our fifth starter right now, but that isn't saying much. He should be a decent reliever, but below-average starter in my opinion. I'd say 7th starter going into Spring Training is a perfect spot for him.

We'll see who is the better player, Cabrera or McLouth. Remember, Nate only plays against RHP, so that plays a part in value. I guess we'd have to take McLouth's right handed complement's statistics too, to fully compare the two.

I like the fact that Machado isn't trying to do too much and simply flicking it up the middle from what I've seen. But, he is never going to get on base to a decent clip this early on in his career, and he won't start developing too much power until at least a couple years from now. I would have liked for him to spend more time in the minors continuing to get stronger and more patient at the plate, but he has been fine.
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