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How Does The Line-Up Shake Out?

Re: How Does The Line-Up Shake Out?

PostPost #61 by ofahn » April 2nd, 2013, 12:10 pm

osforlife wrote:Almost every single free agent has either some deficiency, will get paid at least one more year than should, or get overpaid. But, that isn't an excuse for not signing any reasonable major league talent.

Um, IMO YES, it is. I just don't believe in spending the LIMITED budget that Angelos has allowed on long term mistakes that just clog up the roster.

osforlife wrote:If a GM hasn't come to the fact that all free agents have at least one of these, then all signings will be on the minor league side.

Some GMs have a bigger budget to work with and can afford a mistake. We can't.

osforlife wrote:Basically, the Orioles could have used a viable back-up player at second, a left fielder, and one starting pitcher. To fill these voids, we claimed Alexi Casilla, signed Nate McLouth, and signed a starting pitcher. A one year deal would have been preferable for each, but multi years deals shouldn't be out of the question. Minor leaguers are no sure thing.

I accept that we place different values on certain players, but I can't think of one "free" agent player that wanted to play here on a one year contract that was an improvement over what we had.

osforlife wrote:Waves are potent stars in the making have hurt us before (Cabrera, Liz, Loewen; even Britton, Arrieta, Matusz). Who's to say Bundy, Gausman etc won't deceive us again?

IF Bundy and Gausman tank we won't NEED to sign a bunch of over priced "free" agents, we'll be in a rebuilding mode again.

osforlife wrote:Plus, if we have an abundance of starters at the major league level, that will be good as our arms will receive more time in the minors developing.

You KNOW I agree with you on this, but the guy I wanted (Saunders) wouldn't sign here on a one year deal. Besides, I think Jurrjens will end up meeting that need.
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Re: How Does The Line-Up Shake Out?

PostPost #62 by osforlife » April 2nd, 2013, 1:04 pm

If a team can't accept the terms that a free agent, has the risk of flopping, will be overpaid because of how the system works(bidding: highest offer has a good chance of getting that player), or have to be guaranteed at least one more year than he should, then you should basically take yourself out of the free agent market.

The Orioles are a mid-market team. Last year, we had the 19th highest payroll in baseball, and that number should only go up with increased sales. We don't have a limited payroll. It has just enough to be active players in the free agent market, but not enough to go spend on a Zack Greinke, Josh Hamilton, and other stupid contracts.

I'm not talking about long-term, expensive commitments that could haunt our team for 5 years. What I'm saying is, be bold on the one year contracts, don't be afraid of two year contracts, and shy away from three year contracts but still able to pull the trigger. Anybody that signed a one or two year contract for a team this winter won't haunt anybody. There are acceptable free agents, that come at a reasonable price, most likely because of a deficiency he has, that won't haunt a franchise at all.

Also, placing an opinion on a player is just downright crazy. Unless they come out and say it, we have no clue what a player and his agent thought of a team. Who knows if they would have signed here under different terms or if they wanted to play here. Say we offered Dan Haren $14mil while the Nationals offered him $13mil, maybe he would have come here. Say we offered Melky Cabrera 1 year $10, maybe he would have come here. Who knows what a player might have done under different conditions.

I don't necessarily agree with the rebuilding statement. We won without Gausman and Bundy contributing at all this year. They don't figure to have big roles with the team this year, and we have a reasonable chance of winning. Of course, we can't ignore them as they put up monster numbers in the minors, but there is nothing wrong with expecting they will fail. The Orioles cannot go out and sign 3 starting pitchers to long-term, untradeable contracts, that would just be illogical. But, they should act as if they won't be ready soon and that they will not succeed. It will be a good problem to have when we have five productive starters and Bundy as a 1.00 ERA in AAA. But, it would be a bad idea to have replacement level pitchers pitching in their soon-to-be spots until they are ready.
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