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Who wins the 7th spot in the bullpen?

Re: Who wins the 7th spot in the bullpen?

PostPost #16 by ofahn » January 4th, 2013, 4:11 pm

LA Detective wrote:I think most would agree with your list at #1,2,11 &12 but if a poll was conducted, #3-10 would come out about 50 different ways. I think it would be that way if all 29 other GMs around the league did the list.

One it shows our great depth but I really believe one of the most important things the Os do is how they evaluate 3-10 for the future. I would really be interested to see the Buck/DD list compiled from their observations and inside input from RickP, minor league coaches and our own scouts.

I think it will be one of the most fun things to watch is how this list aboves moves around in the spring and thru the year and how quick #11 and #12 move up.

Rich Dubroff did a story for CSN Baltimore suggesting that Arrieta and Britton might be unhappy if they didn't make the opening day roster. So what? IMO neither of them are justified a spot based on their 2012 showing and they have fallen far down the depth chart. If they want to get back to the ML they'll need to really be dominant at AAA through June so that other teams will offer the Orioles fair value.

http://www.csnbaltimore.com/blog/oriole ... be-unhappy

I also don't see either Dylan Bundy or Gausman as long term SP solutions in 2013. The team isn't going to allow them to throw enough innings to pitch into late September and/or early October.
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