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Does Anyone Have a CLUE What Andy MacPhail Is Talking About?

Re: Does Anyone Have a CLUE What Andy MacPhail Is Talking About?

PostPost #16 by birdwatcher55 » November 9th, 2012, 3:41 pm

Old Sneakers wrote:In fairness here, Andy McPhail is essentially out of baseball at the moment. It's very unlikely he would ever speak ill of any former employer in baseball regardless. Though you can bet that he's obligated not to speak ill of any of his employers from the past. He did some good work in Baltimore though his reign was a failure.

The article was essentially meaningless anyway. There never was any big dividend from the DR or anywhere internationally save perhaps Koji Uehara.

Why get all worked up on some beat writer having to meet a deadline for a throw away article?

Nick Cafardo is an excellent beat writer. I certainly wouldn't call this a "throw away" article. As the writer pointed out, MacPhail did a lot of good laying the groundwork for last year's success. If you don't believe it, check with Dan Duquette 8-)
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