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"Marlins and Orioles discussing scenarios"

Re: "Marlins and Orioles discussing scenarios"

PostPost #46 by ofahn » July 26th, 2012, 9:23 am

Rising O's wrote:They guy has a history, real talent, now something happened in Florida to turn him off. Since it would cost nothing but money you take a chance simply because the talent is there. I still do not see the Orioles being big spenders, and maybe they do not have to be, but when you have a big hole in the line-up and you will need a 3rd baseman in 2013...it seemed to be a good match.

If he did not have a contract that paid him about 30M for the next two years I would have been a LOT more comfortable taking him on. My other concern was that he was a defensive liability at SS and he showed that he wasn't a ML 3B. I would rather put a good glove there.
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