Aberdeen Notes 6/23 – 6/24

Some notes from my first trip (of many) to Aberdeen this season:

Nick Cunningham – RHP

FB: 87-89 mph; tops out at 90 mph; mild movement; command is average; 30/30
CB: 68-74 mph; slow and loopy; pitch is easy to read out of hand; telegraphs; 30/35
CH: 80-81 mph; little feel; difference from FB is minimal; no fade; 30/35
Mechanics: Does not drive towards home; stiff delivery; uses more arm than legs; mild arm stab; 3/4th arm slot; drops slot occasionally; 1.39 – 1.50 delivery times.

Eric Green – LHP

FB: 89-92 mph; straight and flat; not much movement; 30/30
CB: 72-75 mph; some depth; does get deep in spin; slow and easy to see out of hand; 40/40
CH: 82-83 mph; poor pitch with no feel or fade; 20/20
Mechanics: Natural 3/4th arm slot; rears back with closed shoulder; good drive; max effort; minimal plane; athletic build with thick lower half; 1.50 delivery time.

Alex Murphy – C

Violent swing; lots of torque but barrels the ball hard and hands are consistent through zone; slight lift in swing;  frame likely maxed; shows above average power; better than expected behind the plate; shows ability to block low pitches; struggled on a few rising FB.

(I will have a full scouting report on Murphy next week at Baseball Prospectus)

Jonah Heim – C

Switch hitter that shows intriguing power from both sides of the plate; swing has a long ways to go; hands are inconsistent; had them too high at first; then too low; work in progress, but underlying ability is definitely present; youngest guy on team.


Home to First Times:

Jamill Moquette: 4.12
Tad Gold: 3.97

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