Prospect Watch: Conor Bierfeldt

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Conor Bierfeldt – OF

2013 22 Aberdeen NYPL A- BAL 62 262 231 38 61 15 3 12 36 4 2 28 65 .264 .351 .511 .862
1 Season 62 262 231 38 61 15 3 12 36 4 2 28 65 .264 .351 .511 .862

The Orioles selected Bierfeldt in the 29th round in 2013 out of Western Connecticut State University. Needless to say, this is not the type of player that generates a ton of buzz when selected. However, Bierfeldt was arguably the strongest bat for the Ironbirds’ last season and overall one of the best hitters in the NYPL in terms of performance.

Below is a scouting report of Bierfeldt, using the 20-80 scouting scale:

Body: Sturdy frame, looks the part of strong, not much growth left.
Hit: 45; Keeps hands high on swing, but sometimes too still. Average bat speed. Some holes in the swing, looks to have a little uppercut which leads to some strikeouts. Swing can become elongated at times. Keeps lower half fairly still. Good discipline at the plate and a patient hitter. Has some trouble against off-speed and can be too forceful in pulling the ball at times when he sees a “meatball” coming in. However, made minor adjustments in the second half of the season that were very noticeable.
Power: 60; Sturdy and strong player, brute force power. Power to all fields. The slight uppercut swing helps drive ball.
Glove: 45; Tracking needs some work, makes some questionable routes on balls to the gap and over his head. Good crow-hop, solid at charging the ball.
Arm: 60; Solid, laser arm that is fairly accurate. Capable of playing corner OF.
Speed: 45; Not fast, although surprisingly agile. His speed is not detrimental on defense in the OF.
OFP: 50; Second division starter
Realistic Role: 45; Fourth outfielder, power bat off the bench.

Final thoughts: Bierfeldt was a great find in the later rounds of the draft. He was the big surprise for me when I was at Aberdeen this season. There seems to be some real value here, although it really remains to be seen how the contact plays up once he sees time at Delmarva and Frederick. He should hit both spots in 2014. The power is real, and it will largely dictate his career, as the other tools (outside of his arm strength) are not loud.

Luke Jackson interviewed Bierfeldt during the 2013 season:

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