The Resurrection of Orioles Nation

It’s been a while, Orioles Nation.

The years go fast but the days go so slow

That is one of my favorite quotes, courtesy of the band Modest Mouse. It explains many aspects of life. Time flies by quickly, but you really do not notice much as it happens. It seems like just yesterday I was saying goodbye to Orioles Nation and moving on in my baseball writing career.

Of course, life works in wild and mysterious ways. As of today, I am officially taking over and resurrecting Orioles Nation.

Orioles Nation’s goal is to provide fans with a one stop shop for all their Orioles needs. Whether you’re looking for minor league scouting reportsgame recapsinterviewsminor league recapsforums, or detailed statistical analysis — you can find it all on Orioles Nation.

That hasn’t changed from when Jordan Tuwiner was the main man running the show. We will continue to strive for excellence and the utmost professionalism here at Orioles Nation. My goal is to provide the ultimate platform for every Orioles fan out there. I think we can do that here, primarily starting with the player pages. My goal is to have documented information on every single player within the Orioles’ system. If you play 0.1 innings for their organization, I am going to have a player page for you.

In summary, I want Orioles Nation to accomplish the following:

  • Up-to-date scouting reports and player profiles
  • Current Transaction news
  • Coverage of the entire minor league system
  • Discussion and conversation on all current events within the Orioles’ system.

Eventually I plan to have an entire staff full of dedicated writers. For now, it is just me. I have some work to do, and would appreciate any feedback on how I can make this great site the best tool possible. Feel free to reach out to me at or on Twitter @TuckerBlairON. I hope that everyone is as excited  for the resurrection of Orioles Nation as I am!

– Tucker

About The Author

- Owner and Executive Editor

Tucker began operating in October 2013. He has been writing and reporting on the Orioles for an extensive period of time, dedicating most of his energy to the minor league side. He is also a member of the Baseball Prospectus Prospect Evaluation Team. Outside of baseball, Tucker also works as a Government Contractor for Contracting Resources Group, Inc. He has appeared as a radio guest on Fox 1370 and WNST 1570. Tucker writes and updates all player reports at and can be contacted at Follow Tucker on Twitter @TuckerBlairON.