Scouting the Prospect Classic – Day 2

Day 2 of this event (read Day 1’s report here), that allows the best college and high school prospects to face one another, was a bit more relaxing for the high school bunch.  They were no longer in awe of the surroundings, crowds, atmosphere, and hype. You saw a more relaxed bunch in the dugout and better results from the players.  This is a breakdown of some of the guys that were not covered in my write up from day 1 of the prospect classic.

Lucas Giolito RHP (Harvard-Westlake HS, California)
Tall and filled out pitcher that sits a legitimate 6′ 6″ and 225 pounds.  He was the top high school arm that I witnessed over these two days and best out of the 2012 high school class.  Throws a real heavy fastball that sits 94-95 mph and showed a great deal of exploding late life to it.  He already has a tight hammer curveball with a good deal of bite that shows flashes of plus potential.  Throws a circle change that shows well at this stage of development.  He tends to throw everything with power and gears up at times, leading to slight command issues.  Strong drive downhill style thrower, nice solid torque and hip rotation leads to a power type pitcher.  Arm and shoulder are not rushed in the delivery as show no signs of un-due pressure, overall very clean mechanically.

Alex Bregman SS (Albuquerque Academy , New Mexico)
5’11” and roughly 180 pounds; small and compact build that may not have much projection left in it without some additional growth.  He has high hands and bat locked into position without little to no hitch in the swing, a very advanced approach.  Solid hips turn and forward drive from the lower half that goes well for quick wrists and above average bat speed.  Swing has line drive with a slight uplift tendency.  Displays solid baseball IQ and great plate coverage, all the factors play well for solid contact and power potential.  While his splits show slightly above average speed, in game speed was impressive and he got down the line in a hurry.  He shows a solid approach at short with a good arm strength.  He will have to improve his footwork as he is a bit raw around the bag, but he should stick at the position.

Joey Gallo 1B/3B (Bishop Gorman, Nevada)
A oozing toolsy man child, 6’5″, that should be able to pack on 30 pounds as he matures, very long and lean at this stage.  He displayed a great deal of power and shows plus-plus power potential.  Good uplifting swing that tends to get long as he drags his hands back leading to an elongated swing at times.  Generates outstanding bat speed (+100 off the bat) with a powerful drive and hip rotation, and full extension .  He has the tendencies to get caught out in front with quality off speed offerings, but feel he wanted to crush everything that night.  Surprising fluid in the field with the glove and may have the chance to stay at 3B with a solid arm (low 90s fastball), feel that he may fill out too much and logically better profile as a 1B.

Nelson Rodriguez C/1B/DH (George Washington HS, New York)
6’3″ and 215 pounds. Linebacker body, thick lower half and strong foundation that could increase slightly in size and improve body composition as he matures.  Compact and advanced approach at the plate, that gets very little leg lift to start the swing and more rocking style loading phase.  Impressive separation, quick wrist, and bat speed allow him to showcase an advanced plate coverage with patience.  Displays power to all fields with a slightly uplifting line drive swing.  His contact and power potential will allow him to play any position.  He does not showcase the agility, balance, and athleticism to stick at catcher.  He is limited to first base and designated hitter, but his bat would carry him at DH.

Nolan Fontana 2B/SS (University of Florida)
A smaller guy that shows a very athletic build, but may not have much more projection left as he matures.  Perhaps the second best SS in college.  Flash a solid glove, arm, and range to easily stick at shortstop.  He footwork and quick actions from both sides of the bag these two days could easily field him at 2B or SS.  Good batting eye and compact swing that should hit for high contact, but below average power to average power for middle infielder.  Through conversation and watching, you see true leadership qualities out of him.  He is very vocal and supportive leader who commands attention from his teammates.

Cole Irvin  LHP (Servite HS, California)
6’4″ 175 pounds left handed pitcher, overall slim with a highly projectable body.  Long arc motion that tends to reach back a bit and some aspects in the delivery that might place additional pressure on the elbow. He shows a bit of whip action with the arm as he transitions toward the plate.  Real strong downhill drive with hip rotation that generates a massive amount of torque and separation.  Displays solid command and mixes his pitches well at this stage to keep batters off balanced.  Fastball was sitting 89-91 mph, solid curve ball that should show plus ability in the future, and a projectable change up.  All of his pitches come from a dice 3/4 delivery and show solid drop with fastball and change up.

Ty Moore OF (Mater Dei, California)
5’11” and roughly 190 pounds with a nice proportion build and core development.  Very noisy in the box.  Shows a compact, collapsing swing with good bat speed and quick hands.  Displays a solid line drive path and the quick wrist turnover to really control the barrel through the zone, leading to a lot of squared up at bats.  High leg kick, solid forward transition and impressive extension.  Overall a very advanced approach at the plate and a toss up that he could be the most ready high school bat in the class.  The one knock is the few timing mechanisms that might have to be curb against quality pitching. Average arm strength and average footwork in the field leads to an average defensive left fielder, surprising quick on the base paths and wonder if speed could pick up in the field with additional repetitions.

Mikey White 2B/SS (Spain Park HS, Alabama)
6’1″ and roughly 190 pounds showing an average frame with decent build.  Body shows a bit of projection still, but may be limited due to height.  Smooth fielding SS with good footwork around the bag and displays plus arm strength.  Talking  clearly understands the game and high baseball IQ on the field.  High hands that tend to drawback slightly and leaves him a bit longer through the zone.  Nice hip rotation/separation and gets a full extension as he follows through.  He will need to continue to refine his approach at the plate, but shows above average contact potential.

Ryan Koziol RHP (Transfer senior from Orland Park, Illinois)
A legitimate 6’3″ and light in the pants somewhere between 160-165 pounds.  Nice frame with a lot of room for growth, extremely long limbs indicating that he might still be growing in height.  Elongated arc tends to get excessive at times.  Nice solid drive, but will need a better rotation as he progresses.  He tends to gear up a bit too much and some things that stress reg flags in his delivery.  Fastball has some nice late life and movement that typically was in the 91-92 mph offerings.  He shows feel for 12/6 curveball with some drop off the table ability, depth, and solid command of the pitch.  Flashes some feel for the change up.  Shows a cutter with some tailing lite life and needs to improve the command of this and the fastball.  Good feel for pitching and already will throw any pitch in any count with no fear.

Hunter Virant LHP (Camarillo HS, California)
6’3″ and roughly 170 pounds that is tall and highly projectable left handed pitcher.  He could end up being one of the better HS LHP with nice arsenal and solid feel for pitches.  Long stride and lower half push drive really connects with an extreme turn of the shoulder.  He tends to hold the ball out in the open leading to high visibility, which could hurt his deception against better hitting.  3/4 slot delivery leads to a lot of movement in his arsenal.  Fastball with good movement in the 91-93 mph offering.  Throws a slider that tends to have a “sluve” type feel because of the slot.  Shows a feel for a change up with tailing sink to the hand side, consider it a future plus offering.

Ty Hensley RHP (Santa Fe HS, Oklahoma)
Another big strong RHP power pitcher from Okalahoma, 6’5″ 225 pounds.  Hides the ball well with good deception in delivery.  A bit of stress on the front shoulder mechanically. Traits of a power pitcher with strong downhill drive, nice separation and quick arm action.  Powerful, hard fastball mostly in 93-94 mph, but did hit 95 mph a few times in the short inning stint.  Shows a power curve with some nice bite to it.  He had some command issues this night in part due to a short stride and lack of follow through; he tended to push the ball through the zone.  I have seen him a few times in other showcases with better mechanical traits and command, so tie this night to nerves as he lack poised this evening.

Matt Reynolds 3B (University of Arkansas)
Small frame to handle 3B, solid proportion that looks to profile as an ideal fit at 2B in the professional ranks.  High hands and little arm loading leads to little wasted motion in the swing.  Nice lower half transition, clears his hips out in an ideal slot, and solid upper body lag, overall showing very little timing mechanism in swing lead me to feel easily repeatable advanced approach at the plate. He shows decent bat speed and solid plate coverage with fundamentals that could improve to above average contact with additional maturation.

Clate Schmidt RHP (Allatoona HS, Georgia)
Smaller frame pitcher that is listed at 6’2″. but likely a 6’0″.  Curveball with a great deal of bite and drop off ability; showing good feel for the pitch at this stage.  He displays an exploding fastball that mainly sat 93-94 mph, but did touch 95 mph twice in single inning.  Throws from a 3/4 slot with borderline arm mechanics, but quick arm action and very good leg drive from the lower half.  Excellent follow through to get everything out of the body in the pitch.  A bit of whip action in the delivery, but does not seem max effort to cause major concern.  He has a good feel for pitching at this stage and shows solid command.

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