How to Connect with Orioles Nation

Over the last year Orioles Nation has grown from a site covering strictly prospects ( into an all access Orioles website covering the O’s from the Gulf Coast League to Baltimore. On top of this we have growing, thriving community contributing to the common pot of knowledge on the topic that we all share an interest in: The Baltimore Orioles.

As we’ve had such a steep growth curve over the last year I thought I’d share a few ways that different readers stay connected with the community. In doing so, hopefully newer visitors to Orioles Nation might discover some element of who we are that they might have missed.

The Website/Blog

At you’ll find the home page and most recent posts. The main website is a place where we  post news, game recaps, scores, scouting reports and anything else related to what else is happening with the Orioles and the farm system.

There are a number of ways of following or subscribing to the website/blog:

  • Bookmark it – many of our readers simply bookmark Orioles Nation or set it as their homepage so that every time they log on they see the latest post.
  • RSS Feed – one of the most popular ways that people follow what goes up on the blog is via a ‘news feed’ or our ‘rss feed’. This technology lets you subscribe to our site and be notified of updates immediately. Simply browse to our RSS feed and select the method of reading that works best for you.
  • Daily Email Updates – if you don’t use RSS you can still get updates sent to when a new post is made by subscribing to our feed via email. You can do this by entering your email address in the sidebar to the right or on our Subscribe page.
  • Twitter – The Orioles Nation Twitter feed (@Orioles_Nation) is an easy way to keep track of new posts but also to ask short questions and stay on top of O’s news. If we’re at a minor or major league game you can stay updated with our live tweets and alerts. Our Twitter feed is subscribed to by over 1,500 readers.
  • Facebook – If you are a regular Facebook user this is probably the best option. To get updates in your news feed, visit the Orioles Nation Fan Page on Facebook and click on the Like button. When we publish an article it will show up in your Facebook news feed.

The Forum

The other growing part of Orioles Nation is our Forum at http://orioles-nation/forums. This forum is where our members gather to talk about the Orioles, the minors, the MLB draft and more.

There are sections for the Baltimore Orioles (strictly the parent club), areas to post about the O’s minor leagues, places to talk about the MLB Draft, hang out during the game and converse with other members and many other aspects of the Orioles.

There are three main ways that people keep in touch with the forums:

  • Bookmarks – the majority of people simply log in each day and contribute on the latest threads.
  • RSS Feed – our forums have an RSS feed also. This gives you updates of all new topics that get posted.
  • Subscribing – there are also subscribing features that let you follow particular feeds and even be emailed when there are updates. You can explore these from within your User Control Panel once you’re a member.

Write for Orioles Nation

If you are interested in writing for Orioles Nation — whether it be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly — you can submit an application here.

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We’d love to hear your feedback to help us continue to improve what we have to offer. You can email us using the contact page.

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