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  1. Don
    Don July 22, 2010 at 2:23 pm |

    Stop a the 2 second mark – Robert should be almost planted with his POC arm out and his throwing side at full extension. If you stop at 16 seconds, you will see similar actions from behind the plate.

    This is not too bad, but anybody with kids should do minor flaws teaching some better and safer aspects. Robert should have his left elbow slightly below his shoulder level. It means that his back right arm is more along the same plane as a force of stablization. It creates a “bird wing” effect. It places too much stress on both scaplua’s and the shoulder girdle in general. Watch his throwing arm is slotted behind him with his elbow pointed to first base and above his shoulder. He is placing pressure on his cuff. He would place extream emphasis on his elbow on curves, sluves, even sliders with that arc over the top. Although I have seen more extream, it is something that taxes all pitchers. Bundy’s is almost level, but still a bit angled. He could be better serviced by dropping them down, but seeing it is so close to plain, he may stay healthy over the long haul.

    I would feel even safer if he dropped the ball towards third base a bit more. Not only would he hide the ball, he takes a great deal of pressure off the elbow.

    To his credit, he shows solid lower weight transfer and downhill action that is repeated easily. Solid foundation cures alot of ills. He generates alot of power from his hips into the throw and it really seems as though the arms simply glides behind it. He plants his leg and foot going towards the plate where ihe is not throwing across his body. His arm releases as he pushes off his plant foot with a drag to maintain solid balance. Anyone who pithces or teaches childen to thorw would be wise to watch his transfer as it is a good foundation to teach anyone.

    Overall, his flaws are minor mehanically. While at times he places un-wanted pressure on his arm, we are talking about a function that is un-fundementally sound to the human body. He is a strong throwing arm that should be a guy you see in the majors one day. If he improves his conditioning, he could be a a rising star.

    1. Jordan
      Jordan July 22, 2010 at 10:50 pm |

      Thanks, Don. Always enjoy and learn from your insight. What did you think of Leonora’s swing?

      1. Don
        Don July 23, 2010 at 11:01 am |

        Jordan….I wanted to post, but I would have been way too critical to the point that I was basting his instructors down in sarasota.

        He shows a solid frame and quick hands. At 18 and showing these things, he has room to imporve. I feel someone has to sit down with him and work on his fundemetals as any professional hitter should never arm swing at balls and zapped all lower body.

        Maybe he will be better off at a higher level because whoever worked with him was not getting through to him.