Georgia Tech vs. Maryland Game Report

I made it to the Georgia Tech vs. Maryland game today and was impressed with the three GT players I was there to see, Cole Leonida, Matt Skole and Derek Dietrich. I wasn’t able to see Deck McGuire play (I had originally planned to see him Friday), so no scouting report on him. I’ll give a little rundown on what I saw and a few pictures and some video of each player.

Derek Dietrich: I had been told by Andy Seiler to see if Dietrich went to the opposite field with his hits, and he did. Dietrich hit an opposite field home run into deep left field well over the scoreboard. I had mixed feelings about Dietrich’s defense. He made a nice play late in the game jumping up to catch a hard line drive and threw to first to turn a double play. Besides that, Dietrich didn’t have very good range at shortstop and his body looked tight on defense. His hands were straight and locked up when fielding grounders and he let a ball go by him that he could have gotten to easily if he layed out. He basically gave up on the play. Dietrich doesn’t have the range to play shortstop and he should end up as a third baseman or corner outfielder. I only got a few reads on his defense because only 4 or 5 balls came his way during the game. His speed was average* and he got lucky on a stolen base, as the catcher dropped the ball on the transfer. Dietrich has a weird release point on his throws and his arm strength was above-average. He displayed excellent patience at the plate and worked the counts well.

Matt Skole: Skole is a very interesting 2011 draft prospect. He worked the count very well, displayed excellent patience and hit a monster home run. Andy Seiler also told me about Skole’s head tuck and I got some video of that, which happens around the same time he makes contact with the ball. You can see that in the video below. Skole’s arm strength was above-average, but like Dietrich, he only got a few balls his way on defense. Skole did have an error on defense when he misplayed a bounce and the ball want over his shoulder into left field. He didn’t strike out but he did have some trouble making contact with breaking pitches. Skole has a big frame and a pretty big upper body. I could see him as a legitimate power threat in an MLB lineup if he can fix his head tuck. Only time will tell if he can fix his head tuck but his 2011 draft stock almost depends on it. Skole looks like a mid-late second round pick right now, but we’ll see how much progress he makes heading into 2011, and after the season.

Cole Leonida: Leonida started off the game with a two run home run to deep center field. Leonida also hit a double to center field and a single to right. He waits a little bit too long to swing, resulting in most of his hits going to center (home run and double) and right field (single). He legged out his double and his speed was definitely below average*. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of Leonida’s defense. He made two excellent throws on the day. He nailed one runner stealing second, it was a perfect throw — as the second baseman didn’t have to move his glove at all to tag the runner. His other great throw was on a bunt attempt and he rocketed the ball to first, nailing the runner a step before he reached base. The umpire actually called the runner out for running in the base path — even though he wasn’t really in the way of the throw, so he would have been out, regardless of Leonida’s throw. His arm strength is a tick above average. He made some nice throws, but behind the plate, he wasn’t as smooth. I didn’t like his footwork and he constantly gloved balls that he should have shifted over to and blocked using his whole body.

Derek Dietrich Video

Matt Skole Video

*I did not take any official times for speed, my claims of “average” speed, etc. are eyeballed.

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  1. benfarwell11
    benfarwell11 March 28, 2010 at 9:00 pm |

    Skole could be a good pick for the o’s. A patient hitter with power is nice and crow could work on that head tuck I think

    1. Jordan
      Jordan March 28, 2010 at 9:10 pm |

      Yeah definitely. He has some pop and if he fixes the head tuck who knows how good he can be!